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Mar 9, 2018
Today I added the Propagation handout...

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Mar 9, 2018
Today I added my upcoming workshops..

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May 2, 2015
Today I added the Soft Fruit for the Chinook Zone handout...

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April 26, 2015
Here is information on my upcoming workshops and courses...

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April 25, 2015
Today I added the Beginner Gardening Basics Part 2 handout...

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April 23, 2015
Today I added the Beginner Gardening Basics Part 1 handout...


My Goals

So many people become frustrated with landscaping their properties. Not understanding the cultural requirements of the plants and trees they are trying to incorporate into their landscapes can be disappointing and costly. If a plant’s needs are not met it will not thrive no matter how much care it receives. As a garden consultant I can help you choose the right plants for the right space and help you develop a landscape that will only get better over time.

My services are very flexible as everyone’s needs are unique. For those seeking information, a two-hour consult might be all that is needed. For do-it-yourselfers, a consultation leading to creating and drafting a design unique to your property. For those who are looking for more help, I have teamed up with Paul Gettis from Custom Stone and Waterscapes which allows us to create and implement more complex designs.

My goal is to get everyone interested in creating their own personal gardens and to enjoy maintaining and living in them.